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Membership to The Main Street Center is open to all citizens age 40 and older. Dues are $40 per year or $400 lifetime membership. Members are the voting body of the center and are entitled to participate in activities and events. Members will also receive the monthly newsletter with information about daily activities, special events, planned trips, health and educational opportunities and the monthly menu.

Contact the Center at 605-624-8072 or email for membership information and an application form.

Executive Board Members:

Maxine Johnson, President

Cathi Powell, Vice President

Ruth Bremer, Secretary

Jeri Preston, Treasurer

Jerry Johnson, Finance Secretary

Leo Powell, Facilities Chair

Jen Hovland, Membership Chair

Open Position, Nominations Chair

Cindy Benzel, Personnel Chair

Beth Johnson, Member-at-Large

Brenda Martens, Member-at-Large

Kay Powell, Member-at-Large

Open Position,Member-at-Large

Jack Powell, City Liaison

Crystal McGuire, Executive Director

Facility Rental of The Main Street Center is available to all citizens. The Senior Center building has several rooms of different sizes and functions. The grounds of the center, especially the "back yard and patio area" are beautifully landscaped. Contact the Center at 605-624-8072 or email for rental information and scheduling of events.
Volunteer Opportunities at The Main Street Center are numerous and varied. The talents and ideas of local citizens are welcome. Individuals or organizations are needed to assist with helping or sponsoring fundraiser events or social activities. Contact the Center at 605-624-8072 or email for volunteer info and scheduled events.
Donations to The Main Street Center are appreciated. Cash donations, in-kind donations, matching challenges for specific projects and items from the "Wish List" are examples of the kinds of donations received. Contact the Center at 605-624-8072 or email for information about making donations.

Endowments to The Main Street Center are encouraged and appreciated. The center is a gift-worthy non-profit organization that can benefit from planned gifts such as bequests, trusts and annuities. Contact the Center at 605-624-8072 or email for information regarding planned giving.

Contact us for more information about programs, memberships, volunteer opportunities, donations, renting our facility or endowments. You can reach the center by calling 605-624-8072 or by email to .